Great Holiday Fun Continues at Main Beach Tourist Park

What a week we've had with the school holidays here at Main Beach Tourist Park.


On Sunday guests and beach goers got a real treat with heaps of whales playing just a few hundred metres from our park.  This whale watching boat was right on the action.  It's actually closer than it looks!


One thing about our guests - no one goes hungry.  We still have heaps of our winter guests who are only too willing to pitch in and cook up another snag fest.


The smell of the onions soon started to draw a crowd!


After the main course it's time for dessert.  And you can't beat the ice cream van!


And it's not just a hit for the kids- the grown ups are impressed too!


And if you've eaten too much you can work it off on the jumping castle.  There are more people here - they're just inside the castle.  The great holiday fun continues at Main Beach Tourist Park.  Come and join us soon!



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