Broadwater Parkland Development Update

29th February 2016

Stage 3 of the Broadwater Parklands which includes the new grassed area between the park and the foreshore in addition to the new parklands area to the south of the park was officially opened by Mayor Tom Tate today.

All flagging which was in place along the foreshore in front of the park has now been removed.   From time to time work will be undertaken to maintain the larged grassed area and to prevent erosion along the foreshore etc, however this work is expected to have a minimal if any direct impact on the park.

5th February 2016

Work is continuing on the extension of the Storm Water Drains, and work has now commenced top dressing of the turfed area and planting of vegetation to prevent erosion  this work is expected to be complete by the end of February.   Whislt this work is in process the new grassed area between the park and the foreshore is open for use (except areas where machinery is working top dressing and planting).   Currently the the beach area between the southern boundary and the Middle BBQ Aea (the southern half of the beachfront) has been temporarily flagged off for safety reasons whilst work is completed on the storm water drains.  

Access to the beach is available in the northern half of the park and at times when it is safe will also be available in the Southern End of the park via walkways.  

If you have any questions please call our friendly reception team on 1300 672 730 for more information. 

21st January 2016

Work is continuing on the extension of the Storm Water Drains, this work has been hampered by unfavorable wind and tides extending the time frame on this scope of work.    It is now expected that this work will be complete in early February.   Other outstanding work which includes top dressing of the turfed area and planting of vegetation to prevent erosion has not yet been scheduled, once a timing on this works is known we will advise.   The  gnew rassed area between the park and the foreshore is open for use, part of the beach area where works are being completed have been temporarily flagged off for safety reasons,  access to the beach is still available via walk ways as per below.


16th January 2016

 As per our previous advice some work on the new grassed foreshore and beach area was proposed for sometime in the new year.
Currently work is underway to extend out two storm water pipes on the new beach area. This work has resulted in some temporary flagging being installed from our southern boundary north to level with the middle BBQ Area. The beach except for the area directly around the storm water pipes is still open, the beach can be accessed north of the Middle BBQ Area or via a walk way in the south end of the park level with Aquatic Avenue. It is hoped that this scope of work will be completed next week. Further work to completed includes topdressing of the turf and planting of grasses to prevent erosion along the beach, as soon as we are advised the timing on these scopes of work we will advise.  See below photo’s of the area affected.



24th December 2015

The project is now essentially complete, and open for park guests to use.   

Works in the new year will inlcude top dressing the grassed area and planting of vegetation to control sand erosion along the new beach area.

Current guests who are holidaying and experiencing the new area for the first time are delighted with the new space and aspect to the park, the area provides a massive grassed area for park guests to enjoy and we are delighted to see the area getting use for many games such as cricket, footy, kite flying and frisbee or just by guests setting up a marquee and enjoying the new beach area for the day.   Boat and Jet Ski owners are now enjoying the deeper beach area.

The parklands area to the south of the park including the new boat ramp is not yet open but is expected to open sometime in the new year.

 Photos taken 1st January 2016 of the park from water

IMG 0889 Compressed

IMG 0876 compressed


IMG 0885 Compressed

19th December 2015


 The Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 continues the master plan vision for Broadwater Parklands, with the reclamation of additional land to the north of Gold Coast Aquatic Centre at Southport, including the eastern foreshore of the Broadwater Tourist Park.

The project is a significant Commonwealth Games legacy project, ensuring the city will be able to cater to the anticipated influx of visitors during GC2018 and providing new recreational open space for future generations of Gold Coasters.

Whilst the development is adjacent to the Broadwater Tourist Park, it is not controlled or managed by the Tourist Park management.

The project has been in process since January 2015 and has involved the reclamation of land along our Eastern Foreshore, which has been partially closed since late June.   The project is now in its final stages and the new parklands area has been turfed and is open for guests to use to access the beach.  This area currenlty has a temporary above ground sprinkler system in place which will be operating periodically, please avoid areas where sprinklers are in use and beware of pipes above the ground.

Whilst walking access to the beach is permitted over the grassed areas, usage of this area for recreation activities (games, marquees, picnics, running) is not recommended for safety reasons until the sprinkler system has been removed.

Work to be completed includes finishing the sand protection zone along the foreshore between the turfed area and the beach which will be planted with specialty grasses to stabilise the sand and prevent sand erosion.

The Loders Creek side of the park including the boat ramp has not been impacted by this work. 

We are committed together with our Park Managers to providing a fantastic in park holiday experience for our guests we have proactively sought to upgrade the facilities within the Broadwater Tourist Park, with things that we can control, by renovating the central amenities block, installing new shade structures over the pool and bouncing pillow, replacement of bouncing pillow, and the refurbishing of some villas.  We also have plans to refurbish our main pool area, renovate the Middle BBQ Area, and refurbish more villas as part of our Capital Works Program within the next 12 months.  

We genuinely value your previous and future bookings with us and trust that you will be understanding of our position during this disturbance to our facility, your patience is greatly appreciated.  





Picture: Looking back towards the park with dune fencing which will help prevent sand erosion.  Picture Taken 11th Dec 15




Picture:  Looking from Southern end of the park north with Waterfront Premium Villa's in shot  Picture Taken: 11th Dec 2015



Picture: Looking over the parks Events area out to new parklands and beach area.  Picture Taken: 11th Dec 2015



Picture:  View looking from North End of Park in front of Waterfront Standard Villa Picture Taken: 26/11/15 

 Foreshore FromWFStdVilla26Nov


Picture:  View looking from the area level with Middle of Park looking North Picture Taken: 26/11/15



Picture:  View looking from the Beach area back towards the park Picture Taken: 26/11/15



Picture:  View looking from the Broadwater towards the park          Picture Taken: 6/9/15

Northern ForeshoreEarlySept15Resized


Picture:  Looking South from the North end of the Park     Picture Taken: 27/8/15

LookingSouthfromNorthenEndof park


Picture: Looking South to Waterfront Premium Villa's, with reclaimation pond in front of villa's.   Picture Taken: 1/7/15

    Foreshore Development Premium Villa Area Compressed



Picture: View looking from North to South from Beach End of Aquatic Avenue    Picture Taken: 1st July 2015

Foreshore Development Area South of Park Compressed






















































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