Travelling with pets

travelling with pets

Having a family pet has become a part of the modern Aussie lifestyle much like Holden and double pluggers were to the Down Under lifestyle of the 70s.

You wouldn’t go on a camping/caravanning holiday without your thongs would you? So we don’t expect you to leave your furry family member at home.

Gold Coast Tourist Parks has two pet-friendly resorts - Jacobs Well and Kirra Beach - which are conveniently located in the vicinity of council-approved off-leash dog parks.

One of the pros of bringing your animal is rather than leaving them in a kennel or with other people, you know they’re getting the best care while they’re with you and there’ll be no stress for your dog of having to deal with a stranger taking care of them.

And plus, think of all the exciting experiences, sights and smells they will get to experience! Before travelling with your pet, we suggest visiting a vet to make sure all vaccinations are up to date, including flea, tick and heartworm.

As well as their food, bowls and bedding arrangements, pack his/her favourite toy as this will help them feel comfortable in their holiday hangout.

When you reach your destination help your four-legged travel mate settle in by taking them for a long walk. This will not only allow them to stretch their legs after the car ride, but to familiarise them with their new surroundings. There’s plenty of off leash dog beaches and parks on the Gold Coast, all in close proximity to our dog-friendly Tourist Parks.

They include at Jacobs Well:

  • Dungara Park, Stapylton Jacobs Well Rd and Cormorant Cres
  • Helmore Park, Helmore Road
  • Reisenwebber Park, Bay Drive

Near Kirra Beach Tourist Park:

  • Goodwin Park, Burleigh St, Coolangatta
  • Betty Diamond Park, Adina Avenue, Bilinga

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Do the little things to contribute to your pet’s peace of mind and behaviour in check – keep to routine if at all possible, such as make meal times roughly the same time as you would at home. Also, be vigilant about your dog’s safety in the tourist park and when you are taking them exploring elsewhere.

Dogs naturally bring people together so expect to meet other happy hounds on holiday and their owners. If you have a confident dog, a natural born leader, its likely your dog will feel secure wherever it finds itself.

Dogs with an independent personality type can be a little more standoffish – you’ll want to steer clear of forcing this type of dog into a situation it doesn’t like as the independent dog can enjoy its own space.

If you have a happy laidback dog or a pup with an adaptable attitude then holidays should be no problem as they are usually content to share their space with other dogs.

However holidaying with a shy, timid dog may need a bit of extra preparation. You’ll want to make sure your animal feels secure in its surroundings at all times – through daily exercise, reassurance and by stimulating your dog’s mind.

At Gold Coast Tourist Parks we welcome dogs of all personality types and their responsible owners! And while here in Australia we may not (yet) be as progressive as our Canadian counterparts - where dogs accompany their humans on shopping trips to department stores and to the dentist - here at Gold Coast Tourist Parks we think dogs can be part of the perfect holiday.

Many of the city’s café and restaurant owners agree and cater to pets in alfresco dining areas by having water bowls and some even have dog treats at the ready.

The annual Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo draws more than 20,000 animal lovers who converge on the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre where there is more than 70 exhibitors, live entertainment, animal demonstrations, product giveaways and discounts and more.

This year’s event is on 14-15 July from 9am-4pm. Gold Coast Tourist Parks is planning a search for a four-legged star to become the ‘poster’ pup for our pet-friendly tourist parks as part of a campaign to launch the introduction of on-site dog wash facilities coming soon.

We’ll need your help to find the cutest canine, the proudest pup or the most magnificent mutt. Watch this space as we fine tune the small print before releasing details soon.    cialis buy australia –

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