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North Currigee Campground Campfire Guidelines

Campfires are permitted at Tipplers, North and South Currigee Campgrounds. To ensure that you, your guests, and the rest of our Park guests enjoy their stay in a safe environment, please refer to the following guidelines and sign the Campfire Guidelines and Waiver prior to arrival.

  1. The campfire must be contained in a suitable receptacle approved by Tourist Park management:
    1. Fire receptacles are available at each site which are on the ground and made of either concrete or metal. Guests can only use the fire receptacles supplied.
  2. The campfire must be kept within the confines of the receptacle.
  3. The use of campfires is at the Park Managers discretion and/or local authorities’ direction.
  4. Campfires are not permitted during major weather events like storms, excessive winds or where a total fire ban is in place. Directives from the Tourist Park management and/or local Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) authorities are final.
  5. Campfires must be located at the front of the site, away from overhanging branches, gardens and at least three (3) metres away from camping equipment and other flammable items.
  6. Starting a campfire – suitable ignition sources:
    1. Matches, fire lighters or fire starters
    2. Paper or small kindling
  7. Banned ignition sources – all kinds of flammable liquids (such as petrol)
  8. Glass, rubbish, flammable liquids, or explosive items are not permitted in or near the campfire.
  9. Types of fuel allowed to be used:
    1. Seasoned dry firewood
    2. Untreated timbers
    3. Commercial coals
  10. Collection of firewood or kindling from the park or adjacent reserves is prohibited as it forms an important part of the park and surrounding natural environment.
  11. Campfires are not to be left unattended at any time.
  12. Extinguishing the campfire:
    1. Guests need to ensure there is enough water close by to extinguish the campfire; and
    2. Must extinguish and the embers cooled with water prior to sleep or leaving the site.
    3. Note: Never use soil or sand to extinguish the campfire as embers can remain hot and can cause a bushfire, burn or injury.
  13. Children of any age must not be left unsupervised near a campfire.
  14. To keep smoke nuisance to a minimum so not to impact other guests, only dry fuel (firewood/timber etc.) must be used.
  15. Under no circumstances is hot ash to be disposed of in the bins, gardens, or waterways around the park.
  16. Those guests not abiding by the conditions of use or are behaving in a reckless nature with or around the campfire may be asked to leave the park and potentially jeopardise any future stays at Gold Coast Tourist Parks.

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