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Please note: Access to North Currigee Campground is exclusively by boat. Learn more.

Activities and Items for hire

Fishing, crabbing, swimming in the Broadwater enclosure, wildlife spotting and bird watching.

Please note there are no patrolled beaches on the island.

Amenities and barbeques

The campground maps indicate location of amenity buildings and barbeque facilities.

Please respect others and clean up after use.

To ensure facilities are kept to acceptable standards for guests, we would appreciate reports of any maintenance issues at your earliest convenience. Let us know of blocked toilets, taps that won’t turn off, lack of toilet paper, etc. Ring the manager on 07 5577 3932 or visit us in reception.

Campground facilities are for paying guests only. Please do not share access codes with others.

Campground at North Currigee

This campground is located around an inlet ideal for mooring boats. A pleasant walk of only 800 metres will take you to the surf beach. Facilities include hot showers, toilets and 29 camp sites.

Please note the campground at North Currigee does not have a site office or kiosk of its own. These are located at South Currigee campground where your fees are payable in advance.

Campsite cleanliness

Please keep your campsite tidy and use the facilities provided to dispose of rubbish. Please use recycling bins responsibly.

Please do not move fire rings as breakage is likely to occur. Reimbursement for breakage will be charged to guest’s account.

Camp fires

For the safety of guests and our pristine island, please ensure camp fires are only lit in the fire rings provided, never left unattended and extinguished prior to retiring for the night.

Placing of rubbish in the fire rings and moving of fire rings is not permitted.

Check-in time

Sites – 11am

Check-out time


Occupancy after this time will be charged as an additional day.

Late check outs – 4pm depending on availability. See reception for fees and availability. Site fees are calculated until 10am on the day of departure. If your travel arrangements are inconvenienced by these times, please contact reception to make alternative arrangements.


Supervising children is vital for their safety and helps make sure they do not disturb other guests.

Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the showers and toilets.

Customer feedback

We hope you enjoy your stay and welcome your feedback which helps us continue to improve our service and facilities. Please share your experience with others by leaving a review on Tripadvisor.

Essential items to bring

It is essential to bring your own drinking water as the campground water is sourced from a borehole and is not suitable for drinking. Drinking water is sold at the kiosk.

Other essentials include torch lights, camping gear, extra fuel and mechanical parts for boating, mobile phone charger. You may bring your own firewood onto the island or purchase it from the campground reception.

Emergency contact

For all potentially life threatening emergencies, please dial 000. Also please contact reception if further assistance is required.

Evacuation procedures

In an emergency, follow the directions of staff. If we need to evacuate the campgrounds make your way directly to our evacuation area – marked ‘Evacuation Point’ on the map.

Self evacuation is advised, when directed.


Fees must be paid upon arrival at the reception office located at South Currigee Site Office.

Garbage/litter and Recycling

Please help us look after our environment by using the rubbish bins provided at the campground for your convenience. Wrap all garbage prior to disposal and please use recycling bins responsibly.

Placing of rubbish in the fire rings is not permitted.

Generators not permitted

For the comfort of guests, generators are not permitted.


For local information, where to eat, activities and events, ask our friendly staff in reception.

Kiosk (Mini) – South Currigee Campground

Located in the site office at South Currigee Campground. Open daily from 9am to 10am and from 12pm to 2pm. Opening hours will be longer in busier periods, such as during the Qld peak school holidays and some public holidays.

The kiosk stocks ice, firewood, bait and a small supply of milk, bread, water, cold drinks, ice creams, etc.


Please consider the comfort of other campers by not using excessive lighting throughout the campground.

The use of fireworks and flares is prohibited.

Lockers for Hire

Lockers are available to campground guests for daily hire at Tipplers and South Currigee. Powered lockers with a USB port are also available for hire, allowing campers to safely charge their mobile devices. Access is with a combination lock code from the manager.

Native vegetation

The campground is completely surrounded by native bushland, with the lack of commercial development being one of the island’s best features.

Please help us to preserve this superb natural reserve by leaving the trees and bushes untouched. Collection of timber from within the campground or surrounding conservation area is prohibited. Use of chain saws is not permitted and axes may only be used for splitting firewood either brought from the mainland or purchased from reception.

Any deliberate injury caused to any native fauna or flora will be referred to the police.


Quiet time is between 10pm to 7am. Consider your neighbours by keeping the volume down on radios, televisions, mobile devices and social gatherings. Excessive noise or abusive language will not be tolerated and can result in guests or visitors being asked to leave.

Personal information

We are required to comply with the Information Privacy Act 2009. Any information you have supplied to us is only used for the purpose that it was collected for. We will not disclose your personal information (including confirming whether or not you are staying in the campground) to any person. Should anyone wish to visit you while you are staying in the campground, we recommend you contact them to advise where you are located in the campground, as we will not pass on this information.


Please help us to protect the wildlife found naturally in this pristine area by not bringing your pets onto the island. Dogs and cats are prohibited within the Regional Park (managed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services) and not permitted at any of the campgrounds managed by the City of Gold Coast.


Please refer to the campground maps for location of the children’s playgrounds at Tipplers and South Currigee. Another playground is located at Tipplers Café. Children under 12 years old must be supervised by an adult.

Smoking is not permitted within 10 metres of the equipment, as per Qld law.

Public Jetties

Jumping, diving or pushing off any of the public jetties located off the island, is strictly prohibited.

Reception – Campground

Located within an easy stroll 400m north of Tipplers Campground at Tipplers Kiosk. Open 8am to 6pm daily.

Please refer to the map location of the site office at South Currigee campground. Open from 8.30am to 11.30am and from 2pm to 4.30pm daily on public holidays and during Qld school holidays.


Cancellation fees apply. See reception for refund policy or view on our website Terms & Conditions page.


We’d like your holiday to be enjoyable. Holidaying is a great time to get to know your neighbours and keep an eye out for each other’s belongings.

Your security is important to us. We recommend you keep your possessions and accommodation safely secured at all times. If you have any concerns, please speak to one of our friendly staff.


Smoking is not permitted within any buildings, nor within 10 metres of the Children’s Playground, as per Qld law.

Swimming enclosure – Tipplers

A safe swimming enclosure is located only 300 metres north of Tipplers Campground. It is advised that children should be supervised by an adult.


The safety of all guests is vital. Vehicles other than those operated by the City of Gold Coast, including 4WDs and ATVs may not be driven through the campground at any time.

Water (Bore) – Not for drinking

Please conserve water by keeping your showers short and reporting leaking taps to our reception staff.

All water provided within the campground is bore water. Although it is safe for showers and washing dishes, please do not drink this bore water as it is not suitable for human consumption.


For the health and safety of our guests and protection of the wildlife found naturally on the island, please do not feed the animals or birds at any time.

While we may enjoy handing out food, this action is detrimental to the wildlife which includes protected species. Feeding wildlife is disruptive to their natural feeding habits and encourages unnatural behaviour like trying to gain access to your tent accommodation and food containers.

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